7. User Feedback#

Happy users and the joy of making a free top-notch RC flight simulator are what makes this project fun. Here’s what some people have said about SeligSIM (also marketed as FS One).

Where they might have called out the competition, direct mention of any competitor’s name is removed as a professional courtesy. The changes are inside “[…]” but the main message remains the same.

Please send us your feedback about SeligSIM. Thank you!

I am using FS One for 6 or 7 years by now. Really impressed with realism and great models - from trainers to 3D. And a special thanks for the lessons, given by real masters. Everything is so clear, that it takes only practice to implement the maneuvers.

Alexander from Switzerland

I was so impressed with FS One that I felt the FS One team needed to know my observations, as feedback is the only way to know what customers think. Firstly calibration is a breeze. Immediately it was obvious that the flying sites and the skies and the general lighting especially are way superior to the big boys out there. [One of the recent flight simulators distributed through hobby shops] for example was shocking as the plane was in shadow most of the time. Flight physics are in a league of their own - without a doubt the best I have flown. Your recently added S-Bach is tuned to behave exactly like the real thing with even the slight “tuck to floor” on the 45 degree glide that should always be tuned into IMAC planes - amazing. You just want to learn - the Alpha 40 is perfect. Practice really accurate 3D - I would try no other Sim now. I am so far a very happy customer

Brian from New Zealand

Received my copy today… Was really excited and already played for a couple hours… Very, very well done… I’m really seeing the work you guys pulled in. Best flight model for planes compared to all the other sims…

Walther from UK

I have tried out FS One. Flew both planes and helis. Yes, they are close to the real RC models. In my opinion, the realism of the helis is great as well in that it captures the translational lift effect. Also, your published papers leave me with greater appreciation for the flight physics driving FS One. I like the sounds of the gas engines too. Thanks for your dedication and effort in creating such a wonderful sim.

Please advise me on the procedures to use FS One to generate results for journal / conference papers.

Kiak from Taiwan

I’m really impressed by FS One. I recommend it to my students because it flies so realistically. You can learn to be a better pilot by flying FS One.

Lee Jay from Colorado

Between the A+ support and amazingly real flying, I am super glad I went with FS One! All I can say is AWESOME!!!

Josh from Ohio

I originally purchased FSONE V1 approximately 4 years ago after review of several of the “Big Hobby Warehouse” brands and have been very pleased with the FSONE product along with the great O.E.M. customer support provided by the FSONE Team. I did not think twice about purchasing FSONE V2 upon it’s release.

I acquired the simulator to learn to fly electric RC helis. I did not have anyone in the hobby to ask for support so everything I have learned and currently still learning has come through the FSONE Simulator package. My Grandson is now learning to fly heli’s on the simulator too!

The greatest asset of the software is the ability to use my own transmitters. I began with the Spektrum 6 Parkflyer system connected with the wireless adaptor and now am utilizing my stock DX7 DSM2 and DX8 DSM2/X with the FSONE V2 Simulator. The 2nd great asset of the simulator is the custom servo program within the transmitter setup function in the software.

Last but not least is the FSONE V2 Simulator is extremely USER FRIENDLY! The menus are easy to follow and the heli and aircraft selection are 2nd to none. The aeronautical engineering variables that the user can setup enhance the flight experience and learning curve.

David from Pennsylvania

… I was reluctant to upgrade to FS One V2 from FS One V1.1 (I had been using V1 for 6 years, more than twice a week), but when I saw the update link and the on-line discount - I just had to have it. The support group has been excellent with their advice. I now have a first grade sim and the graphics are amazing. I look forward to showing this off at the field and draw in some more flyers. Many thanks FS One.

John from Australia

I just want to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy the sim! I have been flying RC for about 20 years. I fly everything from smaller electrics to giant scale which has been my focus lately. I also have [two other recent flight simulators distributed through hobby shops].

I fly mostly 3D and also some IMAC which I’m training on for next year. I must say that the flight physics in FSOne is superior to the other two hands down! The rainy season has started in earnest here in Oregon, and FSOne really helps me get my “at the field” time in and helps me to improve my piloting skills. Thanks very much for such an awesome simulator!

Dan from Oregon

I’ve been involved with model airplanes on/off since about age 8 or 9. I became confined to bed a number of years ago. After a hectic life I wanted something to keep me occupied. I was given an old flight sim and the bug bit. I bought everything that had “Flight” and “Sim” written on it. They were OK and did the job for a while. Then I saw an advert for FSOne. I sent my money off and FINALLY I found the right sim. The other sims cost more but were too… err .. “plastic”. I flew the wings off of Version 1, and then Version 2 came out I was ecstatic! Suddenly I could redesign/edit airplanes with the scaling wizard and the time flew (sorry for the pun!). Late Sunday evening I needed a little help from support and I actually got an answer, 20 minute service, unreal! I’m spreading the word Downunder. FSOne is the simulator you want if you want it really real. Did I mention the free downloads?

Stu from Australia

I bought FS One about 2 years ago after looking at the sims available at the time. What I wanted was a simulator with good realism with an interface that would allow me to use my transmitter, in order to renew my RC flying skills. I used to fly RC regularly about 20 years ago, but I had lost a lot of the skill over that time away from the hobby. FS One has been a good sim to practice with and has definitely helped me get back to good realtime flying again. I have only used the freestyle flying and I like the model scaling/editing abilities of the programme. Very good customer support. A good RC product at a reasonable price - well worth the $.

Tevor from New Zealand

I purchased FS One V1 in 2009 as a means to be a better pilot. I made a goal in 2009 to fly my best and compete in IMAC in my region. A dream I thought I could never achieve would be to fly among the big name heroes of the sport on a national level like in Tucson. I set out to practice two hours every night. With the help of FS One’s great customer support I was able to set the plane up in the sim as close to the plane I fly with in real life. The big advantage of FS One is to gain hand eye coordination and confidence. It is one thing to jam the sticks on a sim and hit reset but another to do the same with a plane that costs $6,000.00. I can honestly say that without the practice from FS One I would not have achieved two regional championships: Basic 2010 and Sportsman 2011. Practice on the FS One Sim made the dream to fly with the best at the Tucson shootout possible in 2011.

The main advantage of FS One over other brand sims is physics. FS One has designed the sim so that the plane flies as close to real life as possible. In V1 it was very hard to do high alpha maneuvers but the advantage in real life was that it made it much easier to control and predict the movement of the plane. Other sims tend to make one “lazy” or over-confident because the physics are different making the plane fly like a sim. Another advantage for FS One over other sims is customer support. I’ve emailed a few times to get feedback or tweaks on the sim and to let them know when I was able to pull off regional wins. I can not say enough about the positive customer support from FS One.

If you are in the market to purchase a sim that has life like physics, and if you made it a goal in 2013 to win regional or national championships and to compete at the top of your class, then look no further. FS One is the sim you need to gain the experience and confidence to be the best RC pilot…

Jeff from Oregon
NW Champion Basic 2010
NW Champion Sportsman 2011
Finish 7th Sportsman Tucson National Shootout 2011
Cadren Extra 300

Besides the Great Customer Service, the FS ONE Simulator seems to have very accurate flight characteristics, which is the main reason I purchased the Sim. I just bought a Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang that I wanted to be sure to have some idea what I could expect when going out to fly the Mustang. No other Sim had the wide variations of this particular plane. Just what I needed. Great Job FS ONE. Thanks for all your help and great customer service, all is very much appreciated.

Ken from Arizona

FS One will always be my go-to simulator for fixed wing aircraft. I scaled up the Cub model to match my 30cc gasser, and it is scary how closely FS One replicates stall, spin, and snap roll behavior. A few weeks ago I scaled up the E-flite Ascent to approximate a UAV project I’m working on. While doing that I realized I’ve never tried to fly a rudder-only aircraft inverted so I increased the throws, and started playing. I picked it up pretty fast and discovered the scenario of falling out of a banked inverted turn (airplane starts slipping, banks more to try to roll itself upright, rudder is applied to try to roll inverted again, this neutralizes the slip and the plane augers in if too low). Anyway, its just one more thing I learned from FS One that I couldn’t have from my other sims.

Rob from Washington state

The program offers an excellent selection of planes and flight conditions and allows selection of degrees of flight difficulty to build skills and confidence in flying RC planes. Outstanding value for the money.

Roger from Kansas