4. User Manual#

User Manual

The SeligSIM User Manual is available online.

If you are new to SeligSIM, begin with the User Manual “Getting Started” Parts I and II. These are pretty much essential reading and can save you a lot of time. Explore the rest of the User Manual when you want to learn more.

When running the simulator on your PC, click on the small help helpButtonSmall button from any SeligSIM window and go directly to the related page in the online User Manual. This is a pretty slick feature.

Social Media – Information Sources

Subscribing to the YouTube channel and the Newsletter are good ways to stay connected and learn about RC flight simulation.

More links to SeligSIM news and help are on the Contact page.

Software Updates

As with all good software, SeligSIM benefits from updates.

Subscribe to received SeligSIM Update Notices.

Check that you are running the most recent version, which is:

SeligSIM 2024b (v18.2, rev 3656)