1. Features#

SeligSIM 2024 features unparalleled aerodynamics and physics modeling. It has 3D and 360-degree panorama flying sites. It has over 70 camera views. The airplane selection is wide - from beginner level to advanced, from inexpensive to multi-thousand-dollar model aircraft (in real life), from prop planes to jets and sailplanes. Create a newly sized airplane, physics and all, in seconds with the airplane editor. The features in SeligSIM are extensive.

See the 24 feature categories below.

1.1. Airplanes#

Wide selection of airplanes

Prop planes, jets, sailplanes, and foamies

140+ airplanes - stock and scaled variants

Create an unlimited number of new airplane variants using the SeligSIM Scaling Wizard™

Editable/customizable airplane aerodynamics

360-degree wing and propeller aerodynamics calculations

1.2. Aerodynamics Modeling#

Realistic stalls

Exceptional control feel and precise accuracy

New methods in physics-based aerodynamics modeling

Full 360-degree envelope aerodynamics

3D aerobatics - spins, hover, torque rolls, harriers, blenders, etc.

Ground-effect aerodynamics, extended glides, air cushion effects

Extensive low Reynolds number aerodynamics effects

Leverages decades of proven experience in aerodynamics modeling and simulation

The methods in SeligSIM have been published. Download the full paper here.

1.3. Panorama Flying Sites#

360-degree photo-panoramic flying sites

27 panorama sites

RC flying fields


Indoor sites

Slope soaring sites

Dynamics soaring sites

Country and scenic landscapes

Night flying

Bumpy grass, smooth runways, runway-grass transitions, slick gym floors simulated

1.4. Immersive 3D Flying Sites#

Immersive 3D flying environments

See your flight from any angle with extensive camera view features

7 sites, and pick your favorite sky

40 skyscapes (many cumulus, cirrus, clear, golden hour skies, etc)

Skies from real photography

Realistic fields from satellite and aerial photography

1.5. Propeller and Motor Physics#

Thrust, torque and propwash effects

Glow, gas, and electric motors

Start and stop gas and glow engines (i.e. allows for engine kills and restarts)

Propeller and throttle response dynamics

Real engine sounds

Sound modeled from idle-to-full throttle

Propwash effects on all immersed flying surfaces

Slipstream swirl flow and flow shadows

Slipstream speed lag and curvature effects in dynamic maneuvers

Propeller gyroscopic effects

1.6. Landing Gear Dynamics#

Full landing gear dynamics

Realistic ground handling

Landing gear flexes on landings, wheels turn

Wheel braking, sliding, skidding, and skipping dynamics

Tail-dragger ground loop dynamics

Nose over dynamics

1.7. Ground Reaction Physics#

Aerodynamic ground effects for landing and takeoff

Propeller startup torque effects

Rapid aileron deflection wing wobble response

Tail wheel airplane rock and wag response like real

Bumpy ground effects

Grass and pavement friction differences

1.8. Camera Viewing Options#

Over 75 specialized camera views

Easy view switching with function keys, e.g. F1 through F10

Cinematic flowing views

Ground and airborne views

Pilot on ground views

Autozoom, zoom in/out, move in/out 3D trolley

Camera lagged, perfect and shifted-elevation views

Field views

3D chase views

3D onboard views

First Person Views (FPV)

Mouseable views

Inset views, e.g. binocular view

Padlock views

Fly-by and jump-ahead views

Frozen-tripod views

Walk to any point, move in any direction

Run full-screen or resize window for movie making

Multi-monitor support on some computers

1.9. Online User Manual#

Access to the online SeligSIM 2024 User Manual

Includes Getting Started guide for new users

Includes Flight Manual describing controls for all airplanes

Describes all Widgets and Tools and much more

Downloadable Keymap Graphics

On-screen help links to online user manual

1.10. USB Interface Support#

Supports practically any USB joystick controller (USB interface)

Supports InterLink® simulator controllers and other simulator controllers

Supports transmitters with built-in joystick capability, e.g. Spektrum® NX Series

Works with RC transmitter USB interfaces (PPM trainer-port style USB interfaces)

Uses vJoy and Joystick Gremlin supporting software packages for remapping

Setup documentation provided online, see User Manual

1.11. FS One V1 and V2 Support#

Support for FS One V1 TacCon controller and interface

Support for FS One V2 USB interfaces

Easy setup and calibration (V1 and V2)

Fast response to transmitter sticks (V2)

Highly accurate 2048 resolution (V2)

Compatible with all major brands (V2)

JR/Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, Airtronics/Sanwa and more (V2)

1.12. On-Screen Messages#

Over 40 categories of on-screen messages

Most keyboard commands report messages on-screen

Engine start/stop

Reset-To-Home and Reset-In-Place

Towline tension

Current camera name

And many more

1.13. Keyboard Support#

Quick access to controls during a flight session

Practically every keyboard key controls some function/control during flight



Pause key

Hand launch key

Popup instruments and navigation aids

Key controls for smoke, views, zoom, towline release, and much more.

Detailed color-coded keymap included

1.14. Scaling Wizard™#

Aircraft/Airplane Editor plus Scaling Wizard™

SeligSIM Scaling Wizard lets you scale airplanes to any size

Created a limitless number of new airplane variants in seconds

Automatically scales physics: weights, aerodynamics, engine, gear, etc.

Copy, resize, and fly

User can override automatic Scaling Wizard calculations

Scaling Wizard Report key / during a flight session, shows physical specifications

1.15. Winds, Turbulence, Thermals#

Practice in the realistic wind environments

Over 200 wind scenarios to choose from

Gusts and turbulence vary around the airframe in true 3D

Winds realistically increase with altitude

Wind shear and thermals

Slope soaring

Dynamic soaring

Adjust wind speed and direction with keys during a flight session

1.16. Widgets and Navigation Aids#

Magnetic compass

Wind compass

Transmitter stick display

Heads-up display (HUD)

Inset window for additional views

Sky Grid™

Hover Training Assistant™ for airplanes

Flight Log / Timers (multi function)

Radar gun

Variometer/climb indicator

Landing distance widget

Map overlay display

Save position to file

1.17. Airplane Training#

Beginner through advanced, basics through aerobatics

Over 30 lessons included

Flight training modules and tips by world-class RC pilots

Pilot voice-over

Transmitter stick display

Playback controls

1.18. Flight Recorder#

Record and playback your flights

Over 160 pre-recorded flights for playback and training

Flight recorder, save and playback controls

Transmitter stick recorder - start, stop, playback, save conditions

Fly with multiple recorded airplanes

1.19. Sailplane Features#

Thermal soaring and thermals

Slope soaring and slope winds

Dynamic soaring (DS) and dynamic soaring wind sheer

Hand launch

Hi-start launch

Winch launch

Aerotowing / towplane launch (single pilot or two pilot)

Select from 15 hi-start lines, varying lengths and strengths

Select from 30 aerotow lines, varying lengths and strengths

Select from 2 winch lines, different lengths

Manual winch control

Accurate sailplane airfoil aerodynamics, from cruise to high flap deflection

Radar gun for DS speed recording

Variometer, both audio and visual

Line tension, whip, slack rope aerophysics/dynamics modeling

Computer-radio full mixing, e.g. full-house Supra sailplane mix uses Drela’s setup

Air-rush sounds, including whistle at zoom/DS speeds

Spot-landing training

Multi-function countdown/count-up timer, with audible support

1.20. Aircraft Graphics#

Detailed airplane models

Photo textures on most models

Movable control surfaces

Rotating wheels

Flexible landing gear, spinning prop, flexing wings

Customize reflections, shadows, smoke and exhaust

1.21. Crash Detection and Damage#

Broken airplane aerodynamics modeling / separate parts crash aerodynamics

Broken parts remain dynamic after crashes

Collision detection, ground impact, and sound effects

Accurate aerodynamics of cartwheels and tumbling

Parts break off in crashes, at overspeed, or in high-G maneuvers

Broken-part flutter physics

Customizable model structural strength, including invincibility

User settable reset time (default is 4 sec)

Rewind features

1.22. Transmitter Editor#

Built-in computer radio support

Low rate, high rate, snap, and 3D flight modes

Pre-configured transmitter setups for all airplanes

Extensive use of Flight Modes

Pre-set mixes for all airplanes

Extend transmitter functions with the computer keyboard.

Mix channels, add expo, adjust endpoints, alter sub-trims (not yet documented)

1.23. Two-Pilot Capability#

Two pilots can fly together on one PC

Fly freestyle with two pilots

Aerotow with two pilots


Pilot controls are fully independent

Coupled towplane/sailplane dynamics

Also works with FS One V2 2nd player USB interface and cable

1.24. Pylon Racing / Games#

Pylon racing

Choose 2 or 3 pole pylon racing

Several F3D courses

Pylon racing head-to-head (two pilot mode) or with your recordings (single pilot mode)

Bottle rockets and bomb drop game

Hit aerial or ground targets