2. Download SeligSIM#


To get the simulator up and running on your PC, download and install the Dropbox ISO file for SeligSIM 2024.

You may also need to install items 2 and 3. But see the blue “Note” below to determine if you will need to do that.

Image of three gears for the three parts of SeligSIM.
  1. SeligSIM 2024a and latest update (2024b):
    Full Sim and Update Downloads via Dropbox

    Downloadable Content (DLCs) for SeligSIM 2024:
    DLC Downloads via Dropbox

  2. Joystick Gremlin (Release 13.3):

  3. vJoy (vJoySetup.exe, Release

Only download and install SeligSIM and any DLCs from trusted sources. The simulator is presently only officially delivered from the Dropbox links above.

You do not need a Dropbox account to download the simulator. Also, SeligSIM does not use Steam or need a login.

To get started with your setup, see the SeligSIM 2024 User Manual. Going through the main Getting Started chapters is essential to getting SeligSIM up and running.

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Support SeligSIM – Every Donation Counts

Image of three gears for the three parts of SeligSIM.

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[1] If you are using a legacy FS One V1 or V2 interface from prior versions of SeligSIM, you will not need to download/install items 2 and 3 above.

[2] If you use an RC transmitter that has USB simulator output, (e.g., some Spektrum radios and most all OpenTX and EdgeTX radios, and many others), then items 2 and 3 above may not be needed. See the “Getting Started” page in the SeligSIM User Manual, and find the note called out as “Approach 3” for more details.

[3] If you are going to use an InterLink RC controller, you will need to download/install items 2 and 3. See the “Getting Started” page in the SeligSIM User Manual, and find the sections that discuss using the InterLink RC controller.

FS One Users

If you have FS One installed [any version(s)], you can install SeligSIM 2024 without conflict. The new version installs as a completely new program in a new folder.

2.2. Hash String#

Optional: SeligSIM Installer File Hash String

Below is the SHA-256 hash for the SeligSIM installer file. Matching this hash with your download confirms the file’s integrity.

Filename: SeligSIM-2024a-installer.iso
Size: 2045200384 bytes (1950 MiB)
SHA256: 5C75FF3E60CA035E3336AF167449CB9F98B7DBA455CCF13043DEC29E86C275EE

2.3. Required#

SeligSIM requires a controller that connects via USB.

The controller can be an RC transmitter that works directly as a USB joystick such as the Spektrum NX series RC transmitters and ones from Flysky, FrSky, RadioMaster and many others. It can also be a USB InterLink® RC simulator controller or some other simulator controller. Another option is to use a USB interface that connects to the trainer port of your RC transmitter. The User Manual steps through these various setup methods.

The simulator runs on Windows. If you have a Mac computer, the simulator will run in Boot Camp (a Windows partition) and also with Parallels (a virtual machine).

2.4. USB Controller Connections#

FS One V1 and V2 USB Interfaces: For users with an FS One V1 or V2 USB interface, you will not need to install Joystick Gremlin or vJoy. SeligSIM 2024, though new, is backward compatible and should be familiar to you. The the User Manual, this is named “Approach 1”.

Joystick Gremlin and vJoy: Use Joystick Gremlin and vJoy together with your transmitter or a controller (e.g., an InterLink) to feed SeligSIM with your joystick axes in the required order. When you run SeligSIM, you will also run Joystick Gremlin at the same time (every time). Inside SeligSIM, the USB interface that you select will be the one named “vJoy Device”. This is named “Approach 2”.

Direct Transmitter Connection: Another approach is to use the channel reassignment features in your transmitter. That maps your transmitter outputs to match the order required by SeligSIM. See the “Getting Started” page in the User Manual for more details. Look for the parts that discuss “Approach 3”.

As with any new simulator, follow the instructions in the User Manual to make your setup process go as easy as possible.

2.5. Installation and Quick Test#

Install SeligSIM, the Update, and DLCs as Administrator on your PC. If you want to use the additional SeligSIM Power Tools program that comes with SeligSIM, see the Power Tools section in the User Manual.

The recommended install sequence is to first install the main program (SeligSIM 2024) and then start the simulator.

Perform a quick test: Click on Flight Training and play a lesson. If the lesson plays back correctly, you will be able to run the simulator.

See the SeligSIM 2024 User Manual to continue with your setup. Going through the main Getting Started chapters is essential to getting SeligSIM up and running. The first describes how to make the proper connection between your RC transmitter/controller and the simulator.